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  1. Lexus rolling out factory performance parts at SEMA
  2. Lexus announces Chinese pricing for LF-A already
  3. Lexus provides IS-F prize for Wii tennis tournament
  4. Enter the rumormill: Lexus to develop 1-series rival for Europe
  5. SEMA-bound: Lexus tuners take it to the illogical extreme
  6. 2012 Lexus GS-F to use 500-HP V10
  7. Fleet Update: 2007 Lexus LS460
  8. Overview: 2007 Lexus GX 470 Video
  9. Overview: 2007 Lexus LX 470 Video
  10. Overview: 2007 Lexus ES 350 Video
  11. Overview: 2008 Lexus LS 600hL Video
  12. Spycam: 2010 Lexus LF-A
  13. Overview: 2007 Lexus GS 430 Video
  14. 2012 Lexus GS-F: Toyota to build a V-10-powered M5-fighter
  15. Fleet Update: 2007 Lexus LS 460
  16. Lexus looking towards performance hybrids
  17. Tokyo 2007 Preview: Lexus bringing LF-Xh, LF-A to Tokyo
  18. Lexus Minivan?
  19. Lexus poised to be the next Cadillac, but not in the good way
  20. Lexus returns the favor to Audi in new ads
  21. 2008 Lexus GS priced: $245 gets you 52 HP more than last year
  22. Tokyo Auto Show 2007: Lexus LF-Xh
  23. SEMA 2007: Lexus F-Sport performance accessories
  24. Lexus IS-F design to influence F-lineup, even though it ain't pretty
  25. LA 2007: Lexus IS-F gets FiveAxified
  26. Lexus exceeds LS600h sales target by three hundred percent
  27. Lexus sues another porn-star...seriously
  28. Class warfare continues: Lexus owners get their own parking lot in Philly
  29. Enter the Rumormill: Lexus developing lightweight, 429-hp IS-F/R
  30. Lexus LX 570 to cost 9.5% more than the outgoing model
  31. Certified pre-owned Lexus standards get more lenient
  32. Lexus LF-A mule unseats Porsche GT2 as King of the 'Ring
  33. Lexus IS-F Racing Concept coming to Tokyo Auto Salon
  34. ALMS or DTM? More images of Lexus IS-F racer surface
  35. Texas couple name kids Lexus, Porsche and Audi
  36. In The Autoblog Garage: Lexus LS460L
  37. 2008 Lexus IS F to start at $56,000
  38. Leakage: Lexus LF-A Convertible
  39. Detroit 2008: The rest of the story on the Lexus LF-A Roadster Concept
  40. Lexus to unveil first hybrid-only model at Detroit '09
  41. 2008 Tokyo Auto Salon: Lexus IS-F racer unveiled
  42. Lexus IS-F racer actually a 2004 Opel Vectra DTM car?
  43. Audi dealers
  44. Lexus looking for successor to L-Finesse design
  45. Lexus contemplating X3 rival for urban buyers
  46. Chicago 2008: Lexus ES 350 Pebble Beach Edition
  47. Chicago 2008: the Lexus RX 350 Pebble Beach Edition
  48. Today's Lexus is brought to you by the letter "H" - new hybrid advertising campaign
  49. VIDEO: AutoblogGreen reviews the Lexus LS600h L
  50. Detroit '09 Preview: Lexus-branded Prius to debut
  51. Spy Shots: Lexus IS convertible
  52. Lexus execs spills the beans: GS F model, 1-series fighter, hybrid galore
  53. Lease Guid Ebook??
  54. Lexus IS 460 Gumkino
  55. 2008 Lexus LX570
  56. Jag XJ and Lexus LS named Chauffeur CotY
  57. 2008 Lexus GS 450h Hybird
  58. Spy Shots: Lexus readying race-prepped LF-A?
  59. Official: Toyota to campaign Lexus LF-A in 24 Hours of Nurburgring
  60. Spy VIDEO: Lexus LF-A sounds as mean as it looks
  61. Lexus files trademarks for IS Coupe
  62. Lexus Performance Driving School: Dates are available and the price is right
  63. Lexus files trademarks for IS Coupe
  64. Lexus Performance Driving School: Dates are available and the price is right
  65. Lexus brand isn't flying in Toyota's home market
  66. Jag XJ and Lexus LS named Chauffeur CotY
  67. Lexus execs spills the beans: GS F model, 1-series fighter, hybrid galore
  68. Spy Shots: Lexus readying race-prepped LF-A?
  69. Official: Toyota to campaign Lexus LF-A in 24 Hours of Nurburgring
  70. Spy VIDEO: Lexus LF-A sounds as mean as it looks
  71. ICE Touch: British customers get trick entertainment system in Lexus RX
  72. First Drive: the 2008 Lexus IS F
  73. Audi and BMW to utilize 8-speed gearboxes to take on Lexus
  74. VIDEO: Lexus LF-A racing at the 'Ring
  75. Audi and BMW to utilize 8-speed gearboxes to take on Lexus
  76. Inside Line learns Lexus LF-A to be priced over $200k
  77. Lexus considering two dedicated hybrid models
  78. Spy Shots: Lexus LF-A engine spied
  79. Lexus LF-A snapped post-crash, more details revealed
  80. Lexus, Chrysler to join GM in adding CPO fleet to eBay
  81. Lexus IS-F gets tuned by Wald
  82. Lexus cancels next-gen SC, Toyota cancels next Avalon
  83. Lexus IS F to take on SPEED World Challenge GT
  84. VIDEO: Lexus shows the LF-A's heart in London
  85. Lexus delays LF-A, GS-F and more
  86. Moscow Preview: Lexus to show LS460 AWD
  87. Lexus Nuaero Concept looks like Minority Report reject
  88. Moscow 2008: Lexus LS460 AWD
  89. The heat IS on: Lexus planning IS cabrio, lightweight IS-F
  90. Rumormill: Lexus LF-A... Stillborn?
  91. Updated 2009 Lexus IS images arrive on web
  92. SEMA Preview: 600 hp, twin-turbo Fox Marketing/Artisan Lexus IS-F
  93. Lexus releases details on updated 2009 range
  94. Confirmed: Lexus to bring IS 250 C convertible to Paris
  95. Lexus returning to Targa Newfoundland with GS 450h
  96. Paris 2008: 2009 Lexus IS250C
  97. Toyota confirms Prius-based Lexus hybrid for Europe
  98. VIDEO: Lexus IS250C folding its hard top
  99. Lexus to launch compact in Europe, targeting 1 Series and A3
  100. 2010 Lexus RX coming to LA Auto Show
  101. SEMA Preview: Lexus reveals four tuned IS Fs, IS 350 and LX570
  102. 2010 Lexus RX revealed early in Japanese brochure
  103. SEMA 2008: Lexus GS 460 by Five Axis
  104. Rendered Speculation: Lexus dedicated hybrid sedan
  105. LA Preview: Lexus confirms debut of 2010 RX450h and RX350
  106. LA 2008: Lexus unveils the third generation RX350 and RX450h
  107. Lexus F range could expand to include LS F
  108. Lexus hints at HS 250h dedicated hybrid for Detroit show
  109. ESpionage: minor tweaks for 2010 Lexus ES
  110. Toyota announces telematics service: Safety Connect and Lexus Enform
  111. First Drive: 2010 Lexus RX350 and RX450h
  112. Detroit 2009: Lexus HS250h, world's first dedicated luxury hybrid
  113. Lexus recalling 214,500 GS, IS, and LS models
  114. Sign o' the Times: Even Lexus cancels their annual dealer meeting
  115. Lexamino: Yes - it's a Lexus with a bed
  116. Rumormill: Lexus LS could get a V6
  117. 2010 Lexus RX350 starting at $36,800
  118. Chicago 2009: Lexus expands F-sport parts to includes GS, IS convertible and IS AWD
  119. Lexus IS F Evolution still rumored to be in the works
  120. Toyota's JDM collision-detecting radar system could come to Lexus
  121. Buick, Jaguar knock Lexus from top of J.D. Power 2009 Vehicle Dependability Study
  122. Rumormill: Production Lexus LF-A, Toyobaru coupe coming to Tokyo
  123. RX for Success... or lawsuit? China's BYD gets its Lexus tribute on
  124. The voice of Lexus is now the voice of Mitsubishi
  125. Lexus L-Finesse styling makes its gallery debut in Milan
  126. Rumormill: Lexus IS F Evolution coming next summer, not-for-U.S. price
  127. Lexus LF-A to race in 24 Hours of Nurburgring, but is it still on track for productio
  128. Lexus IS C starts at $38,490, RX450h at $41,660
  129. REPORT: Lexus' A3/1 series-fight coming to Frankfurt with hybrid power
  130. Spy Shots: New Lexus LF-A caught racing the 'Ring
  131. Lexus IS C gets the F-Sport treatment
  132. First Drive: 2010 Lexus IS250 C and IS350 C prove that going topless isn't always fre
  133. Rumormill: New Lexus GX foretold for Fall
  134. VIDEO: Lexus launches new TV ads for IS C
  135. Lexus LF-A dons new livery ahead of Nurburgring 24-hour race
  136. First Drive: 2010 Lexus HS 250h is pretty on the inside
  137. Tokyo Preview? 550-hp, 218-mph Lexus LF-A reportedly coming this year
  138. VIDEO: Lexus LF-A supercar burns it up at the Nurburgring 24
  139. Review: 2009 Lexus IS F pursues perfection, might need more personality
  140. REPORT: Lexus anticipates selling 25,000 HS 250h lux hybrids in first year
  141. Lexus debuts dimpled LS 460 L for U.S. Open
  142. Lexus leads, Hyundai improves, while Infiniti drops in J.D. Power 2009 Initial Qualit
  143. Rumormill: Lexus developing sporty LS460 SZ
  144. REPORT: BMW threatening to oust Lexus as #1 luxury automaker in U.S.
  145. Spy Shots: Next Toyota Landcruiser Prado/Lexus GX caught in the Middle East?
  146. REPORTS: Lexus to build IS F convertible; existing IS droptops selling ahead of suppl
  147. REPORT: Lexus preparing soft-top SC430 successor
  148. Autocar first to get a crack at wheeltime in the Lexus LF-A. Sort of.
  149. Lexus reportedly aiming to please younger generation, compete with entry-level BMWs
  150. Lexus prices the new 2010 Lexus HS250h at $34,200*
  151. REPORT: Lexus' A3, 1 Series competitor coming to Europe in 2010
  152. UK police replace Imprezas with Lexus IS-F cruisers
  153. Lexus trademarks CT 200h, CT 300h and CT 400h for entry-level Euro model?
  154. Spy Shots: Facelifted 2010 Lexus ES350 caught in Japan
  155. Lexus teases premium hatch ahead of Frankfurt debut
  156. The L-Word: Lexus to rename LF-A supercar as LF-L?
  157. Customer satisfaction study puts Big 3 in top five, Cadillac tied for No. 1 with Lexu
  158. REPORT: Lexus hatch coming to U.S. in 2012?
  159. Leaked Lexus brochure reveals updated LS sedan
  160. VIDEO: Lexus LF-A racer gets its obligatory split-screen Nurburgring run on
  161. Frankfurt Preview: Lexus LF-Ch joins Toyota Auris Hybrid, plug-in Prius and two iQ co
  162. DetNews: Will Lexus become Toyota's Buick? Is it already?
  163. Lexus celebrates 20th birthday, has to wait until next year to have a drink
  164. Oldplay: Inside Line pits Buick LaCrosse against Lexus ES 350... who wins?
  165. Updated 2010 Lexus LS sedan headed to Frankfurt
  166. Frankfurt Preview: Lexus LF-Ch shows its face
  167. Lexus at it again with tennis ball fuzz-covered IS350
  168. Is BMW poised to take the luxury sales crown from Lexus?
  169. Full Frontal: More pics of the Lexus LF-Ch leak out
  170. Officially Official: Lexus reveals LF-Ch concept in full ahead of Frankfurt
  171. Frankfurt 2009: Lexus LF-Ch Concept hits, misses
  172. Frankfurt 2009: 2010 Lexus LS600h revealed in full detail
  173. Spy Shots: Lexus LF-A back on 'Ring wearing white
  174. Want to see a production LF-Ch make it to American showrooms? Tell Lexus.
  175. Looking for $10k off on a Lexus or Caddy? High-priced hybrids reportedly getting heft
  176. Lexus reportedly developing scratch-resistent molecular-bonding clearcoat
  177. Review: 2009 Lexus LX570 is three tons of luxury with a dollop of off-road mastery
  178. VIDEO: Production spec Lexus LF-A opens the taps outside the 'Ring
  179. Look Very Closely: Retouched Lexus LS ushers in new Sport pack
  180. VIDEO: Lexus LF-A does everything but go on sale, including drifting... sorta
  181. VIDEO: Dutch auto journo says Lexus LF-A is the best car he's ever driven
  182. VIDEO: Lexus LF-A breaks cover before Tokyo unveiling
  183. One more massive Lexus LF-A leak, with specs
  184. Tokyo 2009: Lexus reveals $375,000 LFA supercar...finally [w/VIDEO]
  185. Tickled pink over the Lexus LFA configurator
  186. Tokyo 2009: Cool As Ice: Japanese architect builds full-size transparent Lexus LFA
  187. The Lexus LFA may cost $375k, but the paper one is free
  188. Lexus may offer decontented, track-focused LFA
  189. VIDEO: Lexus LFA hotlap at Miami-Homestead Speedway
  190. First Drive: 2011 Lexus LFA is wicked and this way comes
  191. SEMA Preview: 400-hp supercharged Lexus IS C hits the road to Sin City
  192. VIDEO: Weaving the Lexus LFA's carbon fiber A-pillar is mesmerizing
  193. SEMA 2009: A trio of modded Lexus customs drop their tops
  194. SEMA 2009: Lexus F-Sports sitting in the sun
  195. SEMA 2009: Meet the world's most desirable Lexus RX450h by Branew
  196. Lexus GX460 to debut in China at Auto Guangzhou 2009
  197. REPORT: New Lexus small car may be headed for U.S. by 2012 - perhaps sooner
  198. Cars & Coffee: Lexus LFA shows up ahead of LA Auto Show
  199. Lexus introduces second-generation 2010 GX460
  200. Lexus introduces second-generation 2010 GX460
  201. REPORT: Lexus to lease - not sell - all 500 LFA supercars in order to foil speculator
  202. VIDEO: Justin Bell shows off Lexus LFA in Jay Leno's Garage
  203. Lexus announces pricing for 2010 GX460 will begin at $51,970
  204. VIDEO: Lexus LFA illicitly investigated by fanboy in secret warehouse
  205. LA 2009: Lexus LFA wireframe cutaway wows us
  206. Lexus LFA to be sold in Europe through one dealership
  207. First Drive: 2010 Lexus GX 460 sticks to its trucky roots
  208. First Drive: 2010 Lexus LS460 Sport Package is F-ing with perfection
  209. VIDEO: JDM Lexus LFA commercial hits the tubes
  210. Rumormill: Fabled Lexus GS F to use LFA's V10
  211. From the Twitterverse: Lexus of Europe says LFA V10 is bespoke, not headed for GS F
  212. Video: Top Gear takes on the Lexus LFA
  213. Review: 2010 Lexus RX450h is the pinnacle of autonomous fuel-sippers
  214. Unofficial Lexus LFA SuperGT contender rendered
  215. Report: All 165 Lexus LFA supercars earmarked for Japan already spoken for
  216. Lexus brings IS F Circuit Club Sports Concept to TAS
  217. Spy Shots: Possible production version of Lexus LF-Ch bound for Geneva
  218. Enzo Redux: Lexus LFA buyers will be hand-picked by Lexus
  219. Rumormill: Lexus SC430 to end production in July with special edition "Eternal Jewel"
  220. Review: 2010 Lexus IS 350C F-Sport is a mixed, expensive bag
  221. Report: Toyota to extend recall run to Prius and Lexus HS over braking issue
  222. Officially, Official: Toyota recalls 2010 Prius and Lexus HS250h for ABS fix
  223. Geneva Preview: Lexus CT 200h gets teased
  224. Video: EVO takes Lexus LFA on public roads, gets jiggy with it
  225. Congress: Mother of Lexus crash victims to testify at Toyota hearing
  226. Lexus CT 200h brochure leaks out ahead of Geneva debut
  227. Rumormill: Rear-drive Hybrid Lexus IS, V10-powered GS F on the way?
  228. Lexus and Hummer top 2010 J.D. Power Customer Service Index Study
  229. Officially Official: Lexus drops the curtain on CT 200h
  230. Officially Official: 2012 Lexus LFA priced at $375,000*
  231. Review: Lexus GS450h uses electrons for fun
  232. Geneva 2010: Lexus CT 200h premiers under the lights
  233. Review: 2010 Lexus LS460 Sport could'a been a contenda
  234. Lexus announces IS350C F-Sport Special Edition, priced from $58,375*
  235. IIHS releases latest round of safety scores for Infiniti M, Lexus HS and Toyota 4Runn
  236. Rumormill: Next Lexus IS to re-gain wagon variant?
  237. Word of Lexus LFA Nürburgring track edition emerges from Japan
  238. 'Ring Leader: Lexus announces return to Nürburgring 24 with new LFA racer
  239. Lease the Lexus LFA for $12,400 per month, $298,000 due at signing
  240. Lexus officially confirms CT 200h for U.S. market
  241. Officially Official: Lexus LFA Nurburgring gets more specs, limited to just 50 units
  242. New York 2010: Lexus CT200h debuts with Darker Side of Green campaign
  243. Lexus, Infiniti reportedly not interested in taking on BMW's 5 Series Gran Turismo
  244. Consumer Reports puts Lexus GX on "Do Not Buy" list due to rollover fears
  245. Why the Lexus GX may be rollover-prone (and the 4Runner isn't)
  246. Toyota may be readying fix for Lexus GX 460 safety concerns as NHTSA begins investiga
  247. Report: Toyota confirms Lexus GX handling issue, hoping to isolate issue soon
  248. DetNews: Toyota recalling Lexus GX to address rollover concern
  249. Video: Lexus GX recall remedy in action
  250. Lexus shows off new hybrid concept... bicycle?