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  2. Sharp Looking Car!
  3. Found A Nice Lexus SC Wallpaper Image!
  4. Any Lexus SC Drivers?
  5. What do you all love about your SC?
  6. What do you think about this deal?
  7. Any modifications to make the SC look better?
  8. power antenna problem
  9. Another SC NewB
  10. Window Problem
  11. Hello I'm New
  12. i need some items for my 1993 sc 300
  13. Seat Stain on my SC400
  14. Scraping Noise On My Wifes Car
  15. How To get Scratches off dash?
  16. Car Drifts to the right to much
  17. Replacing regular bulbs with brighter ones?
  18. moon roof weather stripping
  19. how can i get my driver side door out of the lock position so i can close the door
  20. Which one would you pick? The new dodge Viper SRT-10 or Lexus SC430?
  21. I have a 1995 lexus sc400 that overhts. Radiator repl. no change,fan for radiator
  22. How many 02 sensors do I need for a lexus sc400?
  23. Does anyone know about lexus's here.Can anyone tell me if the lexus sc300 or
  24. Would corvette rims fit on my lexus sc400?
  25. Lexus SC 430 or Pontiac G6 Convertible?
  26. Why are lexus sc400 so cheap?
  27. 2001 Lexus SC 300 or 2001 Corvette?
  28. Lexus SC 430?
  29. I just bought a '03 Lexus SC430 & '03 Mer BZ CL500. Should I get an...
  30. any one got the Lexus SC 400 Electrical Wiring Diagram ? thank you in...
  31. is a 1999 lexus sc the same thing as a 1998 totota supra?
  32. 92' lexus sc400 have ac valve ploblem how much someone say 1,000 to fix?
  33. Is the Lexus SC430 a chick car?
  34. Is Lexus discontinuing the SC430? Any info on the Lexus SC430?
  35. do you think this is a good deal for a lexus sc400?
  36. few questions about a Lexus sc 430?
  37. Purchase a bmw 330ci or Lease a Lexus SC430??
  38. lexus sc430, bmw 6 series, mercedes SL550 which is your favorite and why?
  39. Will A 95-97 2jzge Supra Motor Fit a 92-95 Lexus SC300 for Swap?
  40. How much does it cost to replace the leather interior in a 1997 lexus
  41. Volkswagen Eos or Lexus SC 430?
  42. Does anyone know where I can find an aftermarket stereo kit for a Lexus SC400?
  43. unknown tube under my 92' lexus sc400, looks to be leaking green fluid?
  44. who parts for a lexus sc 400?
  45. where can i get an aftermarket grill for my lexus sc430?
  46. Lexus SC430 as first car??
  47. Which car is better lexus sc400 or lexus sc300.?
  48. My New Q about my Lexus sc 400 1994 to every one can help me !?
  49. i have a lexus sc 300 1992 recently a radi hose ripped and now my car wont start...
  50. I just bought a lexus sc430 should I get extended warranty?
  51. i am trying to change a rear tail light on a 92 Lexus SC400. how do i get
  52. How fast does a Lexus SC 430 run a 0-60 mph?
  53. lexus sc300????
  54. in urgent plz , have black smoke come out of my Lexus SC 400 back ,any one can help
  55. fuel filter in lexus sc 400?
  56. Troubleshooting starter problem Lexus '93 SC400? Troubleshooting info, eng....
  57. Lexus SC 430?
  58. Replace an alternator on 92 lexus SC 300?
  59. Convince my dad to let me trade in my 1999 Eddie Bauer Explorer for a 1993 Lexus
  60. sc300 lexus Overdrive button?
  61. lexus Odometer Roll Back sc400 sc300?
  62. would a Lexus sc300 or sc400 be a good first car? have some other ?'s, please...
  63. Do you think a Lexus SC430 is a girls car?
  64. I have a 1995 lexus sc400 that overhts. Radiator repl. no change,fan for
  65. 1992 Lexus SC 400 turns off for no reason.?
  66. Anybody know a website or about how much it cost to replace Lexus SC 400 headlight...
  67. Can anyone tell me, if the lexus sc 400 is a good car to buy?
  68. lexus sc430?
  69. Is the lexus 95' SC400 a heavy car, i just switched from mini and was wondering
  70. Is a 1993 SC400 Lexus too old?
  71. 1993 Lexus SC 300 control arm and stabilizer bar bent?
  72. Should I go to Lexus to get my tuneup or will most top quality auto...
  73. any one got the Lexus SC 400 Electrical Wiring Diagram ? thank you in advance for...
  74. where can i get an aftermarket grill for my lexus sc430?
  75. What is making my 1993 Lexus SC300 miss and blow out white smoke?
  76. Lexus SC400 or SC300 Gas Mileage?
  77. Can a 1992 Lexus SC400 fit a standard wheelchair in the trunk?
  78. Would you trade a 1999 Eddie Bauer Explorer for a 1993 Lexus SC400?
  79. Can I use 87 octane gas in my 1993 Lexus SC300 - manual says use 91 octane?
  80. which car is better a 1998 lincoln mark 8 or a 2000 lexus sc 400?
  81. wat is the size of a lexus 97 sc300 door speaker?
  82. Is this Carfax report for this Lexus SC400 bad news?
  83. Should I go to Lexus to get my tuneup or will most top quality auto...
  84. help with lexus sc400 tail light.?
  85. What is faster between a Lexus SC400 and a Chevrolet Camaro Z-28?
  86. lexus sc400 antenna mast replacement?
  87. in urgent plz,I have black smoke come out of my Lexus SC 400 back ,any
  88. I have black smoke come out of my Lexus SC 400 back ,any one can help me?
  89. Lexus is300 vs Lexus sc400?
  90. Lexus SC400 oil light?
  91. 99 SC300 Engine Replacement Concerns
  92. O/d Problems
  93. Should I buy a Lexus IS300 or a SC400 for less than half the price?
  94. 1995 lexus sc300 stock?
  95. Lexus SC400 vs. BMW 3 series?
  96. Getting a new transmission in my '90 Lexus sc?
  97. 1995 lexus sc300 question?
  98. Car starter on a '92 Lexus SC400?
  99. Supra/Lexus SC 300 Engine?
  100. Supra/Lexus SC 300 Engine?
  101. Supra/Lexus SC 300 Engine?
  102. Best overall tires for 2002 Lexus SC430?
  103. engine has slight miss at idle and at nomal driving speed
  104. How do i fix the heat on my 1995 lexus sc300??
  105. Lexus Sc400 1991 Original Price vs Todays Price?
  106. What car would you prefer
  107. How's insurance for an old model Lexus SC300 or SC400 (1990-1995)?
  108. What next?
  109. lexus sc430?
  110. cold air intake for 93 lexus sc400?
  111. should i buy a nissan 240sx or lexus sc300?
  112. I have a 93 Lexus SC400 that engine won't start sometime. How do you know if
  113. Lexus Sc430
  114. Lexus Sc430 or Dodge Viper, which is better?
  115. lexus sc 300 1993 exhaust system?
  116. Do you think $700 cash is a good price for a 93 Lexus SC300?
  117. can a 90 somethin lexus sc400 engine fit in a 88 corolla?
  118. how to install gps navigation into a 1992 lexus sc400?
  119. I have a 95 lexus sc400; My oil pressure light has been on for some time
  120. Have you seen the new Lexus SC 430, what do you think of the new design?
  121. 2000 Ford Mustang GT or 2000 Lexus SC 400 ?
  122. Lexus SC and Toyota Soarer same thing?
  123. lexus sc 300 10mpg help me please.?
  124. 2000 Ford Mustang GT or 2000 Lexus SC 400 ?
  125. What is the fuel economy of a Lexus SC300/ Toyota Soarer 3L?
  126. 1996 Lexus SC400 Mods?
  127. does any body know about a lexus sc400? are they good cars?
  128. Does anyone know if the top on the lexus sc430 drops while in motion or
  129. LEXUS SC400 Stereo Sound System *PLEASE HELP*?
  130. Does anyone have a 1992 lexus sc 400 that has had noises comming from the...
  131. I just had a brake job done on my 1992 lexus sc 400 and after the brake
  132. should I buy the 2008 bmw 3 series convertible or the 430 sc lexus?
  133. i have a 1996 lexus sc300. i dont know much about cars, but i want to make it
  134. 1995 lexus sc300?
  135. Lexus SC400 air suspension question...?
  136. how to install lexus sc300 radiator?
  137. My 1993 Lexus SC300?
  138. Would it be hard to replace a Power Steering hose for a 1992 Lexus SC 300 by myself?
  139. How much would it cost to replace a power steering hose on a 1992 Lexus SC 300?
  140. which car should i buy a 96 nissan 300zx or a 95 lexus sc 300 for tunning and...
  141. Lexus SC400 ran into water?
  142. im thinking about buying a honda s2000, and selling my 92 lexus sc400, is this a
  143. Lexus SC300?
  144. is a 1992 lexus sc400 a good starter car for me?
  145. What size gas tank in 1999 Lexus SC300?
  146. Is a Lexus SC300 a tuner?
  147. My lexus sc400 engine cut off while driving;couldn't restart it?
  148. Help! My 1993 Lexus SC 300 needs a new catalytic converter. Where do I go?
  149. 10 second sc400?
  150. My new 2008 SC
  151. How to take out head unit 91 Toyota Soarer / Lexus SC400?
  152. How to remove turning light 91Toyota Soarer / Lexus SC400?
  153. FWD/4WS vs. RWD vs. AWD? (Honda Prelude vs Lexus SC400 vs Subaru Impreza)?
  154. Lexus SC430 with Flood/TOTAL LOSS TITLE --PLEASE HELP!!?
  155. Where can I find black out light covers for a 93 lexus Sc400?
  156. How to replace the expansion valve in a 1993 Lexus SC400?
  157. What's A Good Stereo System For A Lexus Sc300?
  158. How do I clean the yellow/fog out of my Lexus SC300?
  159. how to take the water pump off of a 1993 lexus sc400?
  160. Battery won't hold charge in my 1993 Lexus SC400?
  161. How many miles can you get out of a1995 Lexus SC400 Coupe, and how much do...
  162. How can I increase the horsepower of my 1995 Lexus Sc400?
  163. Should I Trade My 1995 Ford Explorer For A 1992 Lexus SC400?
  164. If my starter need to be replaced, how much would that run me? 1995 Lexus SC300?
  165. Is the Lexus sc300 the same as a toyota soarer?
  166. How is the Lexus SC430?
  167. Why the ac in a '92 lexus SC400 won't work?
  168. Is the 2007 lexus sc430 pebble beach edition the wrong choice for me?
  169. can a lexus sc300 automatic be hooked up?
  170. What years did lexus make sc430 with red interior?
  171. Is this a good deal for a Lexus SC400?
  172. A/C never cold after 10 minutes :(
  173. Audi S5, BMW 6, Lexus SC430
  174. '93 Lexus SC400 skipping after engine detail (high pressure wash).?
  175. anyone know where i can get drivers side lower control arm for 93 lexus sc400?
  176. 1jz swap or 2jz TT in a lexus Sc300?
  177. 93 lexus sc400 lower left arm control ?
  178. What would cause electrical failure and no start/no crank condition in 1993 Lexus...
  179. Lexus Sc430 convertible Question?
  180. If i update my navigation disc on my 2002 Lexus SC 430, will it increase
  181. how difficult is it ti change lower control arm bushings on 93 lexus sc400?
  182. what kind of gas milege would a Lexus SC300/400 get?
  183. 1993 lexus sc400 timing?
  184. SC Series converted to E85
  185. BMW 328is or Lexus SC400?
  186. Where can I find a body repair shop that can fix the wind noise on my Lexus
  187. I want a 92-97 Lexus SC 300, how much for insurance in CA.?
  188. Lexus Sc400 Engine Get Switch Off Automatic When I Off The Ac..?
  189. sparkplug help sc400
  190. Is $6,880 a good deal on a 1993 Lexus SC 400? ?
  191. 92-96 Lexus Sc 300 v.s 2000 Civic Si Coupe?
  192. My Lexus Sc400 stalls sometimes when i first start it, it starts up then...
  193. Our Lexus 1996 SC 300 (130,000 mi), runs great but now has the following
  194. Yellow Lexus Sc400/300?
  195. i'm trying to find the location of the spark plugs on the engine of a 92...
  196. Lexus Sc430 or Lexus Is 350?
  197. 1992 lexus sc 400. Parking Light problems?
  198. BMW 135i, BMW Z4M, Audi TTS, Mercedes SLK55 AMG, Lexus SC430, Porshe Cayman S,...
  199. BMW 135i, BMW Z4M, Audi TTS, Mercedes SLK55 AMG, Lexus SC430, Porshe...
  200. Painting my Lexus Sc400 at Maaco?
  201. How do you replace the headlight bulb on a lexus sc400?
  202. buy 92 accord EX with 200k miles or 92 lexus SC with 200k miles?
  203. buy 92 accord EX for $2,000 or 91 Lexus SC400 for $2,600?
  204. should I get the lexus SC430 for my birthday?
  205. 1993 Lexus SC400 Starting Problem?
  206. Can't Decide. Lexus SC400, or Nissan 300zx?
  207. Lexus SC400 transmission fluid?
  208. is 106k miles too much for a SC lexus ?
  209. How do you push in the two pistons in a SC300 Lexus?
  210. How do you push in the two pistons in a SC300 Lexus?
  211. how do you push in the two pistons in a SC300 Lexus?
  212. Lexus sc400 bad starter, water pump, or what?
  213. 1992 Lexus Sc400 whats this part called?
  214. Lexus sc400 starter location?
  215. Easy way to get to starter on a lexus sc400?
  216. Lexus Sc400 front bumper peice called?
  217. Lexus Sc400 Fuel Filter?
  218. Where can I find Soarer emblems for my 97' Lexus Sc300?
  219. How do I remove the badges on my 97 Lexus Sc300?
  220. How big is the Lexus SC backseat?
  221. Lexus sc300 radio wiring diagram?
  222. wiring diagram for 95 lexus sc300?
  223. where is the starter relay for an 1995 sc300 lexus?
  224. chevy caprice or a lexus sc400?
  225. why will lexus discontinue there sc 430 model?
  226. how much would you buy a 1996 toyota soarer (lexus sc400) for?
  227. I have a 1995 Lexus Sc400. i was wondering what sound system would fit my car. ?
  228. I have a 1995 Lexus Sc400. i was wondering what sound system would fit my car. ?
  229. 1992 lexus SC400 Heat AC does not work?
  230. How much was a Lexus SC 400 worth when it first came out in 1992?
  231. which car is faster? a 1993 nissan 300zx na, or a 1993 lexus sc400?
  232. Does a Lexus SC300/400 come stock with a turbo?
  233. lexus sc300 engine swaps?
  234. What version is the latest Lexus SC430 Navigation software?
  235. O2sensor on lexus sc400?
  236. I have a 92 lexus sc400 and when i shift into reverse it make a clunking...
  237. Can the seat belt from the passenger side on my Lexus SC400 be switched
  238. My car wont start. I have a 94 lexus sc300 and when i turn the key, it dont...
  239. Which car is faster, Lexus SC 300 or Toyota Soarer Trubo?
  240. Motor oil lexus sc 300?
  241. how do you remove the stock car radio for a lexus sc 400?
  242. Will a Toyota MKIV Supra 2JZGTE Engine and transmission fit into a 2004 Lexus SC430?
  243. Lexus Sc300 battery light on?
  244. Battery Light on in my 93 lexus sc300?
  245. Which car should I buy: 1997 Lexus SC 300 or 2000 Infiniti I30?
  246. Does anyone own a 2009 Lexus SC 430 Convertible?
  247. How come a 1992 Lexus SC 400 better than a 2009 Mercedes-Benz SLK?
  248. 1995 Lexus Sc300 or 1998 Toyota T100?
  249. Lexus SC 400 or Pontiac Firebird?
  250. Lexus sc430 or clk320?