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Default My Ultimate Deatailing Guide

Hello Fellow Lexus drivers,

I have recently purchased my new Lexus 2008 IS250. I also have a Ford Harley Davidson F150 2002 with super charger.

Well, here is what I do in a nutshell and the products in which I use. I use no power tools such as the new "Power Ball" with drill or any buffing equipment etc. Just good old elbow grease.

First of all, I open a bottle of my favorite beer, nice and cool. Sunday is my big day for detailing and cleaning. This is wear I wash using only about 4 large bowels filled with hot water, two have soap, and the other two are plain water. I first rinse the car / truck lightly to get it wet and any dirt off before I begin.

I then start on the front grille / bumper. I simply use a microfiber cloth, dip into the soap water and scrbu only from right to left, "no circles" to prevent swirls". I then rinse with the clean water and a new microfiber cloth. Once the entire piece is done, I dry with a new microfiber cloth.

I then move to the hood and repeat the above process, however, I only clean / dry from top to botom, again, no circles.

I then move to the wheel panels and repeat, however this time, I go in a horizontal motion.

I then move to each door, again in a horizontal motion and then finish with the rear wheel panel.

Once I am at the back / trunk I do this from left to right making sure I get into every area.

I finish with the roof and using a front to back motion.

Now the the auto is basically clean and dry, I go over the entire vehicle with a new dry microfiber towel to ensure the entire auto has no water hiding in any crevices etc.

I then begin to use the first of a three part wax system. I basically repeat all the steps listed above by applying each was product and wiping off, then putting number two on, and etc...untill I am done with the thrid and final high gloss wax product.

I then use a new dry microfiber cloth and wipe the entire auto down ensuring there is NO powder or any residual on any part of the auto. Now I focus on the plastic or rubber seals. I have an additional product that is wiped on and let set for about 10 min and then wiped off.

Now once the entire outside is done, I concentrate on the windows. I use a special product for only glass such as windshields. I wipe on, again to frim left to right on all windows and letting dry for 15 min. Once this is done, I wipe off in the same fasion. I then take a new and dry microfiber cloth and go over the entire auto from top to bottom, including the windows, roof etc... to make sure there is no powder or residual anywhere.

Now, for the chrome, I take a 0000 steal wool and scrub down until the ultimate shine is achieved. I then wipe off any metal powder off and buff out the final chrome with a special non-abrasive paste to seal the chrome and buff out. I then take a new clean and dry microfiber towel to comple any and all chrome.

I then goto the wheels and rims. I take another container of soap and water and a diry used microfiber towel to clean and remove any brake dust, dirt, grime, etc... until clean and shiny. once this is done, I use a special rim / metalic polish to apply, let set for 15 min per tire and buff off. once completed, I use a new microfiber towel to go over and make sure all power and residual is gone. This method is repeated for all 4 tires. The only exception is if the rims are chrome. I then use the same steal wool 0000 and buff them out until sparkling, and then start the process with polish and above. once this is done, I then take my aerosol spray and spray two light coats around each side wall of each tire. I am a big fan of the aerosol spray instead of liquids and usually end up all over the sides of your car. learned this the hard way. Now the tires are done and its time to start on the inside.

The inside means the opening of my second beer. I first start by cleaning all interior plastic / rubber pieces with a special cleaner. I am not a fan of the shiney look such as using Armoral. I start from Driver side to driver rear to passenger rear to passenger front. once done, I go over with a clean dry microfiber cloth just to wipe off any thing that may have gone on too thick.

I then start the leather process. This takes a lot of time and special attention to detail and of course the right product. I use a special microfiber, very thick rag folded into a 4th and apply a deep cleaner and work on the back portion working my way to the seats. I also apply more to any seems or stitching and anything that may end up in direct sunlight. I let this sit for 60 min and then take a new clean and dry microfiber towel and wipe off any excess from each seat. once this is done, I place a special leather sealent usually full of vitamin E and lanolin to place a top coat on. I work in the same fashion of the above and finish wiping off any excess with a clean dry microfiber towel. Be very careful when doing this if you have the ventilated seats so you don't clog the pores. When you have the ventilated seats, such as I, apply only a small amount to the rag and first apply the rag to a solid piece of leather to get the major part of conditioner off, then working on the ventilated areas.

I then move on to vaccuuming the carpet / floor mats with my ordinary Sears shop vac. I then begin to use a scrubbing shampoo to the floormats and let dry outside. I then do the same on the inside with carpet and use a fine brush to first go against the grain and finishing going with the flow. once the floor mats are done and carpet, you are now ready to put them back in. Lastly, I apply the leather conditioner to my stirring wheel and wiping off within 3 min.

Next, I clean the inside of each door from top to bottom. I make sure everything from the rubber seals and gaskets are clean to the meal under the door is clean, dry, and spotless. Again starting with Driver front, driver rear, passenger rear and finishing with passenger froont.

Last but not lease, I move onto one of my favorite parts, and that is the engine compartment. This is tricky and you have to be careful so you dont dry out any belts or get any thing wet that should not be wet. Study and learn your entire engine. I first begin cleaning the underneath of the hood. I move on the the outer areas of the compartment and moving into the middle. I wipe down with simple soap and water to ever thing visible and even a few things you have to be a contorshionist to get to. I generally use the same steps as mentioned in several areas above but remembering where I can use which chemical.

Now my favorite part of the entire detail. I lift my car up on simple jacks and begin the detailing of my undercarriage. I am sure many of you will say, ok, this is too much, he has lost his mind, but if you want to truely detail your car, isn't this a huge part of your car. This also lets me inspect everything going on underneath. I also use all the techniques as explained in the above areas, using both soap and wather, plastic / rubber cleaner and preservers.

Now, your done. lower the car and put the jacks away. sit back and admire your work of art.

Ok, now on Wednesday or Thursday I use an inbetween cleaner. I have several, but only one favorite. I use something called S100 (I think - it may now have a different name) which is an aerosol wax that goes on clear and after scrubbing, wipes off and leaves a very nice smooth and silky appreance. This can only be purchased from your local Harley Davidson dealership. It smells very sweet and costs about $19.99.

Ok, Once every three months I use Dove dish soap and wash the auto which is great for stripping down any and all wax. I then use a clay bar with the appropriate lubricant and work once small 10 x 10 inch section at a time. You must do this in cool wheather. The sun will litterly melt your clay bar. Apply enough pressure to get the job done, continuously apply the spray lubricant and keep the area moist. Clay bars and great for swirl marks, hard water spots, grime, etc...This is an important detail, if the clay bar drops to the ground, throw it a way and get another clay bar. Ok, now when you begin using the clay bar, work the clay over and over on each other. Once this is completed, begin the washing / waxing procedure as stated above.

Here is a list of products I use:
First of all, my favorite products are Zaino. Here is the website.
Z-AIO All in one
Z-CS Clear Seal
Z-PC Fusion Dual Action Paint Cleaner and Swirl
Z-2 PRO Show Car Polish for Clear Coated Car Finishes
Z-5 PRO Show Car Polish for Swirl marks and Fine Scratches
Z-6 Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer
Z-7 Show Car Wash
Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal
Z-9 Soft Leather Spray Cleaner
Z-10 Leather in a Bottle
Z-12 Clear View Glass Cleaner
Z-14 Plastic and Rubber Cleaner
Z-18 Clay Bar
S 100 Wax Paste (Harley Davidson Store)
S 200 Aerosol Spray quick detailer (Harley Davidson Store)
Meguires Mirror Glaze Final Inspection 34
Meguires Cool Care all Rim cleaner
Meguires Ultimate Quick Detailer
Meguires Highgloss Aeresol Tire Spray
Meguires Shine - Vinyl and Rubber spray
Meguires Deep Crystal Polish System Polish
Rain-X SPray for all windows after polished
0000 Steal Wool for all Chrome (only / NO mirros, windows etc)
Microfiber Towels x 100+
California Car Hand Squegee (Rubber Gel)
2-4 beers of choice (premium only)

I hope this helps atleast one person, feed back is always appreciated and please let me know if this helps anyone. Any questions, please feel free to ask.

Lexus IS 250 2008 - Premium / Luxury /Sport Package - Nav - Mark Levinson - 18" Smoked Rims with Summer Bridgestones - Lip Package - Red Out's - Bi-Xenon HID -
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