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Default 2002 canadian sc 430

I bought my second SC 430 yesterday... I owned one back in 2004 but had to sell it when times got tough... I bought one yesterday that was imported from Canada in 2002... I guess the original buyer didn't want to wait for his local dealership to get the car so he bought it from a Canadian dealership...

The owner told me it had 24,500 miles and the Carfax backed it up... A real cream puff driven on Sundays to church etc,...

I took it to a local Lexus dealership for an oil change and they said "Wow, nice car... Just 24,500 kilometers..." I stared at him blankly and he explained that the odometer registered metric of course...

Come to find out it only has about 14,700 miles...

Does anyone know if there are any other differences between Canadian and American sold??


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