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Lexus Forum: How to Fix Navigation Error - Incorrect Program Disc
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Old 02-17-2014, 11:12 PM
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Default How to Fix Navigation Error - Incorrect Program Disc

Good Evening All -

I recently bought a 2003 GX470 which I like much more than the X5 I had prior to it. The only issue with it was that the GPS reception didn't work even though the antenna was plugged in. I found the secret screen and made the big mistake (didn't know at the time) of choosing to load a program like US-XXX in an attempt to fix it.

Now, when I turn my car on, I get a screen (1/2 English & 1/2 Japanese) saying"Error; System unable to access the program" followed by "Incorrect Program Disc. Please insert proper disc."

I've searched all over this forum and others as well as tried a few fixes - all without any luck. Below is what is happening in more detail as well as what I've tried already to fix the issue.

The Issue in Detail
When I turn the car on, the display shows the Lexus logo for a couple of seconds, a screen saying "Please wait while the system updates for about 3 seconds (if I have any disc but the original DVD in), then the error message above.

The Map, Navigation, and Menu buttons do not work (show the message,) but Display, Audio, and others do work.

The car came with an original 3.x (I think) version maps disc. It's a Gen 2/3 unit. I purchased the 10.1 and 13.1 upgrade discs and have copied them to DVD-DL which I am using to keep the expensive retail discs unharmed. Upon purchasing the 10.1 disc, I put it in which updated the system (about 5 minutes) but kept getting disc unreadable messages (even with OEM one) so went back to older maps disc. Just got 13.1 in this week to try to fix this issue but do not believe it's installed / updated properly yet.

What I've Tried
Inserting new maps version disc to upgrade
When I do this, it does not fix the issue. The only difference is that after showing the Lexus logo, the screen shows "Please wait while system updates" for about 3 seconds (each time i turn it on) and then goes to error. I got the same results with versions 10.1 and 13.1 discs so tested and found out that it shows the same "Please wait..." message even if an audio CD is in the drive
(Pics at end of post)

Resetting NAV Unit via Battery Backup
After reading a post (on this site, i think) I removed the NAV unit / DVD drive from the bracket under my passenger seat. I opened it up to reveal the drive as well as the battery backup (with yellow border.) The instructions said to drain it with a light overnight. I simply removed the battery for about 5 minutes. I re-assembled it and hooked back up. No change at all
The next night, I opened it back up and drained the battery via light method as well as leaving the battery out overnight. I reassembled and still no go when trying to Original, 10.1, or 13.1 discs.

Below are pics of the NAV Unit I removed. Included are the cables connected to it and model number. Is this the box I'm supposed to do this to or is there another?
(Pics at end of post)

Resetting NAV Unit via Ribbon Cable
I've read that units may be reset by unplugging a ribbon cable for a few seconds - but - don't know if this pertains to my unit or not as the ribbon cable was difficult to get to and seemed to be the drive data interface. Still, removing the battery should have had the same effect. Perhaps I'm doing this on the wrong box?

Another Secret Menu
I cannot currently access the secret menu I had previously where I made the stupid mistake. I did find out about another today, though. Holding down the Info button, turn the lights Off, then On 3-4 times. Unfortunately, this menu doesn't have the same options therefore I can't change anything back (even if I knew what to change it back to.) It does have a "NAV Reset" option, but it's greyed out.

So - that's where I'm at. I can't afford $1000+ on new hardware and would really hate to do so. Any suggestions? I'm willing to try anything to fix this!



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