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Lexus Forum: Eclipse GSX, Eclipse GT, Lexus sc400, or Mustang GT?
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Old 12-30-2010, 02:05 AM
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Default Eclipse GSX, Eclipse GT, Lexus sc400, or Mustang GT?

im looking for a car and based on my research, i've cut my choices down to these 4 cars.
98 eclipse gsx
2000 eclipse gt
98 lexus sc400
02 mustang gt

at first i wanted a eclipse gsx cause it has AWD, turbo, and a ton of aftermarket mods are available. the only downside to it is all the eclipse gsx i found are run downed, its hard to find a gsx with low miles on it.

which brought the 2000 eclipse gt in the picture. i know that the eclipse gt is a lot slower than the eclipse gsx but it looks nice and is reliable. plus they are a lot easier to find than a gsx. they have a decent aftermarket mod but none compared to the gsx and its a bit more expensive to mod a eclipse gt.

then the mustang gt came along...
they have 260 hp stock and can be modify very easily with its aftermarket mods, i know the cobra is faster than the mustang gt (and all the cars i listed) but all the cobras where i live are run downed or expensive. only things i dont like about the mustang gt is the long body it has and the gas mileage.

the lexus sc400 is a recent one i found out and it definitely caught my eye
290 hp stock, stylish yet fast, and reliable. i found out that the sc400 has few aftermarket mods available compared to the sc300. but i like the sc400 and it looks to be a good car and i haven't seen a lot of those around here

which brings my conclusion....which car should i pick???
i want a car thats looks stylish (which all the cars i've chosen are) and a car that can be respectable when racing. the racing part wont be everyday it'll be occasionally if not rarely but i still want a car that can haul ass when racing my friends or people around here. i dont want to spend thousands of dollars on aftermarket mods to make my car a bit faster if the mods end up being worth more than the car.
cause if thats the case, i'd rather save my money on a Supra Twin Turbo and smoke everyone lol (but i'd doubt i'll be able to afford one)
i live in a pretty small town but there's plenty of racing teens like me around
the cars that are known here is:
06 mazda 6
98-02 honda civic
and 05 nissan 350z

i wanna be able to beat at least the mazda 6 and honda civic with the cars i've chosen
so which car should i go with????

plus i DONT want a RICER car
my definition of a RICER car is a car that looks fast (body kits, big spoiler, taillights, neon lights) but is slow as hell
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Old 03-23-2014, 04:04 AM
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Default Re: Eclipse GSX, Eclipse GT, Lexus sc400, or Mustang GT?

First off how much money are you wanting to spend? The cars you listed are not going to come cheap. First question the Eclipse GSX? Does it have to be a 98 model, or can it be older? Second, does it have to be an Eclipse? Because Eagle makes/made the Talon which is basically the same car just different styling, and manufacturer. Also there was the Plymouth Laser Turbo but it's even harder to find than the others. My recommendation on those vehicles, are the older ones that are still turbo/AWD. They can be found a lot cheaper than the newer models. Second the Eclipse GT. This would be my last pick of the ones you have chosen. Mainly cause it's a FWD vehicle. Not that there is anything wrong with FWD, but if your looking to be racing, FWD is not a very good choice. Third the Mustang GT. Great starter car and cheap to mod to go fast easy. Cons are gas mileage and insurance will kill you if your a teenager. The SC400 is also a V8 car, and will probably not get you good gas mileage in the long run. But is also a very sweet ride!!! The main thing you want to consider is price. Do you want to go AWD/RWD/FWD, What are your long term goals? Speed, drag racing, style? Do you want a V8,V6,I6,4 banger? Also are you wanting to go boosted i.e. turbo/supercharger? Just think about it real good before you jump on anything right away. Good luck hope this helps.
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